Before fall 2012, if you would’ve told me that I’d ever join the sport of distance running, I’d of never believed.  Nor would’ve anyone for that matter.  But on one of my countless whims to quit smoking, I decided to set aside my decades-long repulsion to running any distance farther than a block.  I figured, a runner doesn’t smoke, right?  If I run, I won’t want to smoke.  If you had tried as many times as I had to kick the habit, it would seem completely logical.

Surprisingly, a short year and some-odd months later, I’ve found myself (almost) replacing my nicotine addiction for one that dispenses significant health and fitness benefits, along with an unrivaled sense of accomplishment.

Now, I mostly use my calendar to keep track of bib pick-ups race registrations, while keeping my fitness training balanced between weights and runs.   When I check the weather, I automatically translate the forecast to a runcast.  Running apparel has replaced trendy clothes on my shopping list.  For the first time in my life, I feel like an athlete – and it feels great.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that progress is personal; to be truly happy, I need more than just  professional goals; and there is no greater sense of success than realizing achievements over the long haul.  Running, like life, is about the journey – not the destination.  My hope is that by writing about my experiences I will remember to enjoy the adventure, learn from unexpected detours and better focus my passion.

Every mile has a story.  These are mine.  Lace up and join along!


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