2015: Going Farther and Longer


With 26.8 inches of snow piling up outside, this weekend’s blizzard provided a nice, quiet weekend to finally reflect on the year gone by. It marked my third full year of running, and as I tallied up the numbers I couldn’t help but think how my love for the sport continues to grow and evolve.

Two marathons, one ultra marathon and more than 1,400 miles later, I’d run farther and longer than I could’ve ever imagined just a few short years ago. I spent far more days last year training for those longer distances, like the marathon, than not. And after taking more social rainchecks than I’d care to admit in order to knock out those weekend long runs, it was satisfying to see how the miles (and effort) stacked up:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.05.10 PM

Over the course of the past year I also bettered my race times, particularly in the half marathon distance, but I know I haven’t cracked my potential yet, especially at the 26.2 distance. I’ve always posited that there is a lagging relationship between the pounding miles, improved fitness and PRs. This year, I look forward to putting that theory to the test, as I again strive to go far and long, but hopefully just a little bit more quickly.

Photo credit:freeimages.com



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