4 Miles to the Shake Shack

It may have been 15 miles to the love shack, but fortunately for New York City runners craving a beer, burger or custard, it’s only a 3-4 mile trek to the Shake Shack.  This past Tuesday marked my third month of participating in these monthly runs sponsored by Shake Shack and hosted by the local running outpost, JackRabbit Sports.  It may have been cold outside, but after an easy-paced jaunt through Central Park, back in the Shack’s heated confines it was, as the B-52s might say, “hot as an oven.”

I first heard about the monthly Shack Track and Field event last summer, but amidst my laser-like focus on marathon training, decided to wait until I’d completed the 26.2 mile journey.  So when the second Tuesday in November rolled around, I made good on my resolution to check it out.

It was the perfect post-marathon treat.  The laid back 3 to 4 mile run was a perfect way to ease back into the swing of things.  The group was friendly, and the post-run burgers and beer really hit the spot.  I wondered why I hadn’t taken part sooner, as it would have been a perfect “flex day” workout.

The December and January’s runs have brought some familiar- as well as new- faces.  And despite Tuesday’s below freezing temperature, the first Shake Shack run of the new year seemed to attract the largest crowd I’d seen.

Beyond the roads of Central Park, it seems the Shack Track and Field program has also caught the attention of Wall Street.  With the company generating recent headlines for its $100 million IPO filing, one financial writer cited its “community programs like Shack’s Track & Field Clubs” as an element contributing to a “strong brand differentiation and a robust economic moat.”  Here’s hoping other businesses take note!

Though most of my runs have always been solo endeavors, these events have helped force me out of my comfort zone to better embrace all that the sport has to offer, community.


4 thoughts on “4 Miles to the Shake Shack

  1. I think this is such a great idea! I saw this at the UES Shake Shack last fall and got my husband one of their technical shirts (which is awesome by the way). Looks like a ton of fun!

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