2014 Fitness Goals Check-in


Several years ago when a friend observed that once the calendar turns to August the year is basically over, I looked at him as though he had three heads.  After all, it didn’t take a mathematician to realize that we’d just passed the mid-year point.  I’ve come to realize since that he was right.

The second half of the year often feels like a roller coaster cresting the highest hill, ready to barrel down the tracks with increasing speed until, before long, it rolls into yet another new year.  So before the sheer momentum of the year-end descent takes on a life of its own, it seems appropriate to assess the progress I’ve made toward achieving my 2014 fitness goals.

  1. Set a sub-8:00 pace per mile PR.  Consistent training throughout this year’s polar vortex certainly yielded spring dividends.  April proved to be a milestone month, as I finally broke the 8:00 barrier.  The steady progress continued into May when I achieved my standing 7:52 PR.  Once the summer heat and humidity subsides, I’ll be excited to see how low I can go before the new year arrives.
  2. Stay free of injury.  So far, so good.  By taking stock of the factors that led to last year’s injury, I’m taking steps to ensure a repeat is avoided.  As marathon training progresses, adherence to the lessons learned will be key to meeting this 2014 fitness objective.
  3. Become a marathoner by finishing the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon.  While my excitement builds by the day, I am working to keep my eagerness under control.  Arriving at the start line healthy is “job one,” so I’m trusting the NYRR Virtual Trainer Program to get me there.
  4. Steadily gain strength through a consistent gym routine all year.  Striking a gym/running training balance has been a focus of mine throughout the year.  Hearing others comment on the noticeable muscle gain has certainly been a motivating factor.  As my marathon training regimen settles in, I’ll need to make sure to maintain adherence to the strength aspect as well.
  5. Develop abs that pop.  If I were perfectly on track to achieve all of this year’s fitness goals it would likely be a sign they weren’t aspirational enough, right?  I’ll admit my core hasn’t received the attention it should.  Or any attention really, to be more precise.  Well, at least the year isn’t over yet!

Overall, I’m satisfied with my progress so far – but it’s just that, progress.  As with most things in life, one can’t claim success until the finish line is crossed.  Time may be accelerating without abandon, but I know if I want to ring in 2015 with a maximum sense of accomplishments, momentum alone won’t get me there.  Rather,  I’ll need to remain fueled with persistence and dedication.

photo credit: venspired via photopin cc


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