Becoming ”Fashionably” Nutritious

Growing up, I lost count of how many desserts I had to forgo because I refused to eat my vegetables. And I’ll be the first to admit that even as an adult, my daily diet has not met the recommended number of fruit and vegetable servings. Periodically I’ve researched various juicers, blenders and the like, believing that they might provide a quick, convenient and tasty solution.

Recently, several friends began raving about their newest kitchen appliance: the NutriBullet. I recalled the infomercials, and was rather surprised that these particular individuals would be so adamant about a product that might as well be labeled “as seen on TV.” I was intrigued. After all, the product was much cheaper than the Vitamix-like products I’d previously investigated.

How well did it work? Did it truly liquidfy the contents? Could I be assured that there would be no “chunks”? “Yes, yes and yes,” I was advised. When I noticed that the March Costco circular advertised a great NutriBullet discount, I decided to take the plunge.

NutriBulletphotoSoon after a quick trip to the local Costco on Saturday, my love affair with the NutriBullet began.

I’ll sheepishly estimate that I’ve probably consumed more fruit and vegetable servings in less than a week than I had in several months. Suffice it to say, I’ve been feeling extra energized all week. Finally, a healthy addiction has taken hold!

As an extra bonus, after today’s New York Post published an article titled, “Fashionable New Yorkers falling hard for NutriBullet,” I’m also feeling rather trendy!

Tonight my palate was treated to a spinach, blueberry, strawberry and chia NutriBlast. As I sat down to relax and enjoy my perfectly delicious concoction, I couldn’t help but lean back and smile knowing that I was truly becoming “fashionably” nutritious. According to the New York Post, at least.


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