Why, hello there spring!

Finally, spring has arrived!  What better way to usher in the new season, while bidding good riddance to winter, than with a refreshing post-work run?


After taking it easy for a few days following last Sunday’s NYC Half, it felt good to lace-up the Adidas.  With another Half on the calendar for Saturday, I wasn’t sure whether I should classify tonight’s easy 3-miler as a “recovery” or “shake-out” run.  Either way, I knew I should take it easy.

I’ve never raced 13.1 miles on back-to-back weekends, so I’m admittedly a bit nervous about what I may have gotten myself into.  My plan is to take it easy and see how I feel, knowing that it may well prove to be a nice training run (except accompanied by a shirt, snacks and medal at the end).

What I do know is that no matter my pace, place or time, the experience is sure to yield some important lessons.  That alone will make this weekend’s trek to Queens worthwhile.


5 thoughts on “Why, hello there spring!

  1. I think the back to backs sound fun and I am sure you will be great. We are heading back to NYC next week for a few months. Your pic had be excited for our move in. Good luck this weekend!

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