Springing Forward

As this year’s winter months slowly crept by at a snail’s pace, I’d been increasingly anxious for the return of Daylight Saving Time.  At times, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mother Nature was taking her cues from the movie Groundhog Day.

Yet, somehow, the universe has finally broken the vicious cycle of seemingly eternal short, dark, cold days.  Indeed, it was just a movie after all.  Daylight Saving Time has finally arrived!  Like magic, that extra hour of light instantly delivers an extra shot of energy.  If today’s brilliant sunny skies are a beacon for what’s to come, a wonderful season is on the horizon.

It was perfect weather for a Sunday ten-miler, and the scenery was truly picturesque:

It felt great sneaking in one more long run ahead of next weekend’s NYC Half Marathon. With a favorable seven-day advance forecast for race day, I expect the atmosphere next Sunday morning will be even more electric than last year.

Having survived the doldrums of February, springing forward has never felt so invigorating!


5 thoughts on “Springing Forward

    • I ran it last year! It was my first “big” race, and I really didn’t know what to expect. NYRR did a great job of keeping their events organized – I had no complaints with the flow and the masses of people didn’t bother me. Once you get out of Central Park it’s sooooo much fun. I thought the West Side Highway stretch might bore me, but I enjoyed it. I was actually disappointed once it was over – it was that much fun! I bet you’ll end up loving it!

  1. Great pics. Where did you do your 10 miler? Good luck in the half. I was a bit envious of everyone who did it last year because it would be awesome to run down the West Side Highway. Running along the west side is so beautiful, especially when you live on the east side and get that boring East River stretch.

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