Endorphins Are My Best Medicine

This last week of February could not be inching forward any slower.  Admittedly, my grumpy mood hasn’t helped.  As I moped home from the office, I decided a vigorous strength training workout would give me a much needed shot of endorphins to cure my severe case of the “Tuesday blahs.”

Sure enough, as soon as I hit the locker room door I managed my first smile all day.  When I added a spoonful of my guilty pleasure to the old iPod (One Direction – don’t judge), the energy around me seemed to bounce in approval.  Or, I suppose it could have been me bouncing along to the music. (Again, don’t judge!)  By the end of my circuit, not even the overnight forecast for snow showers could dampen my spirits.

Endorphins truly are a wonder drug.  Tonight they’ve once again worked their magic by providing me with the motivation necessary to make climbing tomorrow’s mid-week hump significantly more manageable.


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