Winter’s Longest Shortest Month

February is like a speed bump briefly halting the transition to spring that March will soon herald.  In the midst of a winter that has brought week after week of storm warnings, this shortest month of the year certainly seems like the longest.  Enough is enough, already!

Only running a single race this month – back on Feb 2 – has likely made these winter doldrums more pronounced.   But for what February lacks, March should more than make up for.  A 5K on the hilly streets of Washington Heights, a half marathon in Queens and a 15K in Central Park, will provide a nice range of distances to complement the range of temperatures as winter slowly gives way to spring.  Of course, next month’s crown jewel will be the NYC Half Marathon, with a tour of Manhattan unmatched in energy and views.

But alas, as I persevere through two more weeks of February, and more snow and ice, I’ll take a little therapeutic comfort in cursing that wretched rodent that just had to predict such a long winter.  If you ask me, the swift drop on the head he received was well deserved.



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